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In Appreciation of Horizons Teachers

Posted on May 8, 2017 5:34:05 PM

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Day! But one day is just not enough – we appreciate our Horizons teachers every day of the year, because teachers are the core of every Horizons program from coast to coast.

DSC_7612.jpgWhen our teachers describe their Horizons teaching experience, it’s clear they love it as much as we love them. The creativity, caring, imagination, intuition, love, and plain hard work they bring to Horizons is breathtaking...

“During the school year, I teach at a school that has a lot of test-based requirements, but at Horizons, I have the freedom to try more creative forms of education.”

“Teaching at Horizons makes me a better teacher. I get to work with teachers from public schools and private schools, and we all try new things, and we all share what works.”

“I love Horizons’ project-based learning approach. It helps me engage my students where they are, and I can design activities and projects around their needs.”

“Horizons enables me to focus on what I see as my most important role: instilling a love of learning in my students!”

“You know what does it for me? I had a student come back for his fourth year at Horizons, and mid-way through the summer, he said, ‘you’re a good teacher, because I know you’re looking out for me.’ That made my day. I know there’s a reason students and teachers keep coming back year after year, and this might be it.”

“I teach at an independent school during the school year, and at Horizons in the summer. When I see one of my Horizons students grasp a new concept in math and then master it, I feel I’m making a real difference in her life, both right now, and in what her future might be.”

“Horizons is teacher heaven!”

At Horizons, we see that happy, inspired teachers make for happy, inspired students. No matter which of our over 50 sites you visit, you’ll find Horizons classrooms led by professional public and private educators, working together to make a real difference in the lives of their students.

National Teacher Appreciation Day is defined by the National Education Association as “a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” Thank you, Horizons teachers! We know how hard you work, spending your summers, after school hours, and weekends with students whose lives will be forever changed through your dedication. You are the heart of Horizons.



To learn more about teaching at Horizons, watch this short video and see what our teachers – and students – experience through Horizons:

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