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Horizons Students Explore and Create!

Posted on Aug 23, 2018 10:48:00 AM

Horizons Students Explore and Create! >>

Horizons blends high-quality academics with fitness, nutrition, field trips, and the arts. We believe every one of these components is important to helping students discover things they never thought they could do or achieve.

Every child is an artist, just as every child needs encouragement. Here are some of the ways students are exploring the arts at different Horizons programs across the country:

  • Students visit an art museum (many have never been inside a museum before) and learn about artists and their work. Later, back at Horizons, they use their museum experience to inspire their own paintings and sculptures.
  • Students are gradually exposed to musical instruments and singing as they grow older, with individual and small group weekly classes over the whole school year as well. The program considers the cultural background of the students in the selection of instruments and genres explored.
  • Second graders walk around the campus, take photographs of plants, shrubs, or trees they like, and then write poems to express how they are like the plants they selected.

From pre-kindergarten through high school, Horizons students experience the arts as a new way of engaging with the world, exploring and creating.

As one young Horizons student beamed, “One of my favorite things at Horizons is painting! Before I came here, I never got to paint during summer. But now I get to paint every day!"

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